Art and me.


Art has always been a part of my life. I come from a very talented family of artistic folk at least on my mothers side of the family.

My Grandmother … Nellie Owen Mitchell was a talented china painter in Michigan and sold her work.

And some where in my past is an uncle or great uncle who could and did carve some beautiful pieces. But there are also lots of others! Both past and present who draw paint and more. So really it is not a surprise.

Over the years I have learned that I need to have some kind of art project going on at all times to be happy.

A clue you are artistic…. Any project you take on you change in some way, color or design, to put your own special stamp on it.

I also have learned that I prefer to take my time and savour the whole thing.

life is to be enjoyed not rushed through pell mell with scraped knees and bruises.

So I have started another blog but this one is all about me. And I will show case what ever I am working on and throw in some finished projects that I did before.


Also just a note I do not distinguish between crafting and the so called refined arts. That is just an arrogant euphemism put out by men in the past to discredit women’s work which due to necessity was tied to their regular day to day duties. it takes a lot more work to figure out a quilt pattern and execute it than an oil painting of a woman so … This is my one militant discussion on this. and this will hopefully be my only non picture post.

Welcome to my artistic life. I hope you enjoy the journey.