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The cover and binding


Hi all. Here are pictures of the cover, and my start on making the binding.

i am not happy with my cover. The card board I used is not thick enough, and when I glued it down I glued too much all at once. Another problem is that the edge of the tyvek shows as a bump under the cover. probably becasue I did not use the tape but used glue. and I don’t like that.

Regarding the binding system, I am currently trying to put it together with glue but I am going to do the rest with the score tape I think. just because it is difficult to get the edges to line up properly with glue.

Here are the pictures

First up is the cover and you can clearly see I had issues with the glue and making the cover smooth. I have a wrinkle on the back cover. Another problem is that the cardboard was too thin(because I did not have Chip board and used some other cardboard) and it is rolling instead of lying flat. I really need to find some good sources of different thicknesses of chipboard


Here is the inside of the cover.

Here is how far I got with the binding system I still need to finish glueing the folds together and rounding the edges and cutting the off size tabs.

I want to say too, so far the instructions have been pretty good with a couple of places I have added my own notes for a bit of clarity.

and the one other change I will be making to mine is that my tyvek is going to be cut to fully cover the cover. Just for a cleaner look.

The issues I am having by the way have nothing to do with Kathy Ortas instructions but are due to the fact that i am so new to the whole scrapbooking experience and thus each project is a learning adventure for me. I also do not always have a ready source for some of the supplies and tend to try to make what I have available work.

I will hopefully have a new cover to share by tomorrow and the binding completed, and perhaps some of the photo mats.